For us, innovation is the perfect combination of tradition and the future.

“craftsmanship in the industrial product”.

A perfect fit achieved with the inclusion, as of this year, of biodegradable and recycled soles.

Differences and quality

Biodegradable soles originate from the microporous soles we have been producing for years. During the manufacturing process, a special additive is inserted that makes them biodegradable and therefore easy to dispose of.

This means that they dissolve in the chemical elements that compose them, thanks to the action of biological agents such as bacteria present in the environments prepared for disposal, a long process that lasts 5 years.

Biodegradable soles do not lose in terms of aesthetics as they perfectly meet the standards of beauty, utility, touch and comfort.

When we speak of recycled soles, however, we are referring to the re-use of microporous processing waste which, instead of being disposed of, is pulverised and kneaded again for new production. The soles, therefore, reproduced look different aesthetically because they are made of materials that have already been used but retain the same comfort and utility as other soles.

What is the essential difference between the two soles?

These are two ways to contribute to the well-being of the planet, but if with biodegradable soles you work on facilitating waste disposal, with recycled soles you work on not generating waste.

We are really proud of these new projects, especially now that we are living through such a strange and difficult time for all of us, in which we have to struggle and reinvent ourselves in order to start again, and what better way than by helping the planet? The latest news shows that the earth is breathing again and that pollution has decreased.

This is where we must start again!

We have always been sensitive to environmental issues by working with environmentally sustainable materials such as cork and installing photovoltaic panels in the company. The profoundly green approach has always been the main focus of company policy, as our slogan states:

‘We produce with the power of the sun’