We produce highly customized footwear soles for men, women and children to meet any specific need.

The peculiarity of our shoe soles is that they are all handmade.

The artisan care we reserve for each individual piece is, despite the industrialization of the product, first of all aimed at wellness and fashion and presents undeniable advantages: the production of our soles does not require metal molds or separated molds for each measure, let alone the uncomfortable obligation to order huge quantities thanks to the reduction of the costs of the molds themselves.

This is because all the soles produced are carved and worked with industrial methods, maintaining the accurate care and quality of a handcrafted product, typical of the precision artisanship that distinguishes us.

For the production of our soles we use high quality products, selected according to the most recent technological studies such as: microporous EVA, TPU, rubber and natural products such as natural cork and cork agglomerate.

We carefully select our materials based on the necessary technical, mechanical and physical characteristics to give to the soles, and therefore to the footwear, the necessary orthopedic properties and where possible we try to use 100% natural materials.

A special attention goes to elegance: thanks to the diversity of the materials we use, we are able to create many variants and models, including wedges, higher wedges, plateaux in various combinations and color trends.

suole sandali