Our sneaker soles are all made of microporous material: flexible and resilient despite intense and continuous solicitations, it is a material able to always return to the initial state, without any deformation from wear.

It is indeed a formidable material, widely used for antishock products and able to protect the muscular skeletal system from the repercussions and kickbacks of walking or running.

Every sole we make has its own unique characteristics: while some may look similar, the final structure of the article will be very different. This is because very different finishes will be applied, such as mesh bandages, fabric, leather, etc.

The application of spoilers or ferrules completes the sole, to support and define the heel and the toe of the shoe.

The sole can also be produced with a rear bevel and a girth; welts of different sizes, structure, color, stitching and laminates can be applied.

The choice is really wide and suitable for every specific need: we use indifferently rubber, microporous (EVA) and TPU with generic or customized designs on customer request.

To further enhance the flexibility and lightness of the sole, we can lighten the area of ​​the plant, to guarantee maximum comfort for long walks.

Furthermore our sneakers soles are also made for children.