Sock sneakers are the latest product born from the idea of ​​our designers. A technical and fashion article, aimed at those shoe factories and hosiery companies that whish to expand their range of products with new and exclusive models.

Sock sneakers are a light, flexible and insulating design products particularly comfortable and suitable for any time of the day and any outfit.

Courrently, the most of the sock sneakers on the market today are “printed”, meaning they are made from metal injection molds prepared for each individual foot size. The need for a minimum number of very expensive molds is a factor that heavily affects the price of each pair of soles,

forcing shoe factories, in order to amortize this costs, to use the same model for a long time.

Our soles, on the other hand, can be ordered without any restrictions since they are produced manually, without any additional equipment, in different quantities, colors, sizes and heights.

Also the customization is wide: the sock sneakers can be requested with or without welt (of various colors) and in different shapes and processes.