All our sandals can be produced in E.V.A microporous and rubber with the characteristics of the materials described above.

A particular production sector is reserved to natural cork and cork agglomerate. Please note that many similar products on the market are usually composed by a plastic base, covered with just a thin layer of natural cork. Our products instead, are all entirely composed of uncoated cork.

Cork and cork agglomerate are natural raw materials made from cork tree oaks. The most important feature of this material is that it is light, breathable and fireproof.

Thanks to its great versatility, cork can be combined with other materials such as microporous, leather, wood… All this, in order to obtain different combinations and models, to combine orthopedics with an elegant and fashionable look of the sole and, consequently, of the shoe.

We produce very different items, with special attention to aesthetics: different heights and thicknesses which range from high monoblock wedges to lower thickness heels.

Therefore, multiple differences, but a single common denominator: the high benefits of a cork sole in terms of comfort and lightness of walking.

The tread of the microporous and rubber sandals can be made according to the specific needs of the customer: thickness, color and design are completely configurable between wide selection possibilities and can be further customized with any logos.

A wide range of finishes can be made on our cork and agglomerate soles: natural, waxed, painted and wrapped with leather, fabric… Furthermore, the sole can be further enriched with welts of different nature, plaited inserts and applications of different materials and shapes.

The only limit will be your personal taste.