The latest product from PBS, one of the most innovative and fashionable in the footwear sector: we are talking about the sock shoe, an innovative shoe chosen by many for its great comfort without sacrificing exclusive style.

The idea of the sock shoe was born from research and great attention to market novelties, combined with a precise study and documentation of existing models. From study we moved on to production: we made the model our own and, thanks to collaboration with sock manufacturers, we managed to create a new and innovative product.

Specifically, the sock shoe is produced with a sock upper, i.e. made using the typical sock factory process, while the sole is manufactured using our innovative microporous and cork agglomerate technology.


During the manufacturing process, a hollow is modelled inside the product in order to give more stability to the sock and the upper: this allows the sock shoe to have the typical characteristics of trainers.

The sock shoe we produce can be made of microporous and agglomerated cork and is suitable for all seasons: it can be worn both in summer and winter. The sole, in fact, is versatile at any time of year, while the upper can be adapted: sock manufacturers can produce it with materials such as wool, making the sock shoe wearable even at very low temperatures in the coldest months of the year.

With our suppliers, we are experimenting with the use of biodegradable or recycled materials, able to dissolve in 5 years, produced exclusively with natural materials and adhesives.

We decided to follow this path because we believe it is the right one for the protection of our planet.

We are talking about an innovative product because, contrary to what you might think, the shoe does not exist in just one model or material: thanks to the very high degree of customisation, we make shoes made from scratch, without the aid of moulds, and this gives us an extra point because we ensure the quality of made in Italy, a very important value, especially at this time.

Customisation is a key word for us. Each of our products is in fact constructed with sartorial care: it can be made in different heights and worked to the shape of the foot according to the customer’s wishes. Even the colour is absolutely customisable, and we can ensure this by staying true to the technology we use to create the sole.

In the footwear market, the sock shoe is a product that is increasingly in demand: both in the fashion sector, but also in the health sector: thanks to the hypoallergenic fabrics that can be used in its production, the sock shoe is also in demand by doctors and nurses in hospitals, to replace the classic safety clogs.

Finally, it also finds a place in the home shoe market: many choose them as comfortable slippers to wear in the home during the colder months.

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