It is becoming increasingly important for PBS to work with sustainability in mind, ensuring that the production cycle is environmentally friendly. This has led us to use natural materials and to produce soles that are biodegradable or made from recycled materials.


We have been producing recycled soles for more than a year and a half. The great versatility of microporous (the main material used) makes it possible to make any type of sole: their special feature is that they are composed of many pieces of discarded microporous mixed together, thus reducing the waste of material and giving new life to pieces discarded from previous processes.

This blending of waste pieces is visible in the grain of the sole, which is grainy and speckled. Otherwise, the recycled sole does not differ from the classic sole in anything else.


We have been producing biodegradable soles for almost a year now. It was a natural choice that allowed us to reconcile our ethical principles with current market demands. After the installation of the photovoltaic system that allows us to work using clean energy such as that of the sun, implementing our environmental commitment was an investment that we felt was strongly positive and in which we wanted to believe.

All the soles we produce can be made biodegradable thanks to the use of a particular additive: when the shoe is put underground in contact with a highly bacteriological environment, this substance activates the bacteria present, which attack the microporous material of which the sole is composed, transforming it into organic material within 5 years. It is important to emphasise that this process is only triggered when the sole comes into contact with an already bacteriological environment.

In general, recycled or biodegradable soles are not yet an established reality on the market and are still little publicised even by those who produce them. We decided to listen to the segment of the market that is increasingly interested in this type of production and seized the opportunity to give our business a new impetus.