Our workhorses are two: comfort soles and trainer soles. Let’s discover in detail the flagship products at PBS.


Two key words: comfort and style.

The comfort of the sole is ensured by the material with which it is produced: an extremely soft microporous material capable of cushioning movements with lightness and flexibility.

The style, on the other hand, is given by two factors: the constant updating to follow the trends of the moment through participation in trade fairs and the possibility of customising the product at will.

The sole in fact is totally customisable: the workmanship starts from a preformed sole which is then processed according to the design or photograph provided by the customer.

The comfort sole is in demand by that market segment that seeks ‘comfortable fashion’. While in the past it was used exclusively in orthopaedic footwear and for postural correction, today it is also increasingly in demand for sports shoes, such as trainers, which we will discuss later, and for all those shoes that combine style and elegance with comfort and lightness.

Those who choose comfort soles in fact do not renounce style, but follow trends and design: unlike in the past, when comfortable shoes were ideally reserved for older customers who were not interested in aesthetics, today’s customers are increasingly demanding and are looking for shoes that reflect their lifestyle, which as well as being comfortable and functional do not renounce the fashion of the moment.


Even in soles for trainers, comfort remains the dominant value, combined with a very high degree of flexibility and resilience to protect the foot from the shocks of running and fast walking.

We have been producing soles for trainers for years, when they were not yet so widely available on the market.

During the Lillehammer Olympics in ’94, for example, we made the soles of the shoes that the athletes of the Italian national team wore during the opening parade, the first example of shoes that were comfortable and high-performance but also aesthetically beautiful and fashionable.

Today we serve all kinds of customers: from haute couture, which in recent years has turned the trainer into a must-have accessory, to the sports shoe as an end in itself for pure motor activity.

The real difference in soles for trainers is in the tread, which is machined to ensure maximum comfort in the long run. In addition, even for soles intended for trainers, the pre-shaped model can be modelled according to customer requirements with special milling or with the lasing technique, which allows letters or phrases to be engraved directly on the side of the sole.