PBS has been working with the health sector for at least 30 years, intelligently and innovatively developing a branch of production dedicated to comfort soles, which we have told you about here/will tell you about in the next article.

The soles used for medical orthopaedics are mainly made of microporous material and are in demand mainly in Northern Europe.

The purposes range from corrective soles for posture defects, preformed soles to alleviate particular orthopaedic pathologies, but also for the diabetic foot.

The latter, in fact, requires special soles that wisely distribute plantar pressures within the shoe. Since all our products are absolutely customisable, we propose a specific analysis of the sole of the foot in order to create an ad hoc sole that meets the needs of each customer.


The benefits of the sanitary sole are obvious: it alleviates or prevents orthopaedic pathologies, ensures comfort and flexibility, and is designed to guarantee maximum comfort and safety for the feet of customers who require this special care.

All this is made possible thanks to the different density of the materials that are used to produce the sanitary sole and are then glued by hand: we speak of “shore” (the density of the materials, in fact) which varies depending on whether the piece touches

the road, thus ensuring greater flexibility and resilience,
the foot, ensuring greater softness also depending on the orthopaedic anatomy of the user