Sixty years is a long time! They encapsulate a history full of sacrifices, emotions and passion for our work. The history of a company that is first and foremost a family, not only in the way it is run, but also with our employees: we boast employees who were born and raised in the company, who have seen the history of Pbs Soles from its beginnings to the present day, and we hope to always succeed in our aim of providing our customers with the utmost attention and care for detail.

60 years of rocking ideas

Where does it begin?

It was in 1958, when Marcello Sorrentino and two other partners founded the old P (Pesci) B (Bresciani) S (Sorrentino) Soles, today transformed into ‘Produzione Bresciana Suole’. From the outset, the company wanted to identify itself as revolutionary and green, in fact the first soles were produced in wood and cork, ranging from trainers to fashion with the production of wooden heels. The focus on quality materials was immediately the winning key, and with the generational change that saw the daughter Ivana Sorrentino and her husband Tiziano Chiarini take over the reins, there followed the transition from the use of wood to microporous, leading us to work on an industrial scale while still maintaining a handcrafted touch, thus perfectly combining innovation and tradition. We have always challenged ourselves to grow in terms of technique and productivity by participating in trade fairs, moments of sharing that used to bring work, innovation and culture:

“It used to be different,” says Francesca Chiarini, daughter of Ivana and Tiziano and granddaughter of Marcello Sorrentino, “the internet didn’t exist and therefore the approach and atmosphere were different. I remember that, at every fair, my grandfather and my father would bring cheese and prosecco because the last day was dedicated to celebrating the success of the event and the result obtained; during the fair, orders were taken that allowed the annual work. Now times have changed, but we have grown with the change because we are used to it: fashion is always changing and we try to keep up to date and evolve with it’.

Today, the company has evolved while maintaining the same values of craftsmanship, made in Italy and attention to detail, and is preparing for the third generation with Francesca and Enrico Chiarini, who are already putting a lot of new things in place!

What are the goals for the future?

Definitely to pursue eco-sustainability thanks to our biodegradable soles and also to focus more on our sock shoe, a fashionable and quality product, but we don’t want to stop here!

We want to go further, towards new opportunities!

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