Until yesterday, the orthopedic comfort sole was something designed for advanced users: specifically dedicated to orthopedics and comfort, often poor in terms of elegance. Recently everything has changed: the search for comfort has become a requirement and a lifestyle for every kind of person.

Based on these changes in requests, the field of research and development has turned to the choice of thicknesses, designs and combinations of materials. This, to meet the demands of a new and young clientele with fashion needs.

Our comfort soles are therefore also made for refined footwear, suitable for any user, combining elegance with the lightness, flexibility and elasticity of components.

All our work is based on a solid base of specific studies concerning models, sizes, fit and dimensions particularly comfortable for the foot, orthopedics and health of walking and posture.

For our comfort soles we have aimed at these goals of elegance with a single fixed point in mind: do not compromise in terms of comfort.